Sports bar

The Ashbrook 4th floor Sports Bar is a perfect relaxed social area, fitted with pool tables, comfy couches and also a few tables and chairs.

A fully stocked, self-serve bar is also available at any time, plus you have the convenience of charging your drinks to your apartment.

Set up with quality furnishings and finishes, along with stunning views of the city, the upstairs Sports Bar is a great place to relax with friends or by yourself.


Pool tables

Whether you see yourself as an Eddie Charlton or a complete novice, you are always welcome to use Ashbrook’ pool tables.

We have 2 tables always set up in our beautiful Sports Bar, with pool cues, balls, triangles and more accessories at your disposal.

Our pool tables provide countless hours of fun for everyone, you can even take part in the resident-run Ashbrook Billiards Tournament which is held on most afternoons.

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